Photo by Sarah May of May & Co.


Low Ceilings is the Connecticut-based musical project of Ben Mueller, who has been playing living rooms, clubs, bars, and empty swimming pools since early 2014. In that time, he has developed a distinctive brand of folky alternative rock with a progressive tilt, over which he explores love, loss, and the profundity in banal and everyday happenings.

In April 2021, Low Ceilings released the 11-song album Passenger Side. The album was written over the past year and a half in, around, and about life in a New England suburb. It builds on the band's previous effort, Learn to Sew, thematically and musically, incorporating full-fledged rock band instrumentation to the long-standing acoustic elements that have defined Mueller's songwriting for years.

Low Ceilings' music has always been about taking everyday moments and turning them into vague ponderings of love and life in general. But today's pandemic-shrouded context gives Passenger Side's musings an entirely different feel, one that is at times cynical and downtrodden but ultimately hopeful (and grateful).