Photo by Sarah May of May & Co.


Low Ceilings is an indie-folk project currently based in Windsor, CT. While the group has taken many forms over the years, its core has always been Ben Mueller, who writes the songs; produces, records, and mixes the albums; and handles guitar and vocals live.

Low Ceilings’ music tactfully straddles the line between lush arrangements and intimate, basementy lo-fi in a way that only a college career in the Boston DIY scene could make possible. While attending Emerson College, Mueller, a Connecticut native, started the group with some friends and released an EP and two full-lengths as a full band. Through countless shows in Boston living rooms, basements, bars, and venues, the band developed a distinctive brand of folk-rock with a progressive tilt. Digital Wheat Paste’s TJ Foster called their self-titled LP a “tremendously impressive record…songs that somehow sound intimately lo-fi and carefully polished all at the same time.”

After finishing school and moving back to Windsor, Low Ceilings became a Mueller solo project. The 5-song EP Least Favored Painting was the first release to follow the change. And change was good: CT Scramble wrote of the EP that “throughout its almost beachside strummings, there is a weary urban beat mysticism that permeates its mood, weighing down what could be easily sunny pop songs with something more literary, wistful, and vibey.”

Mueller performed solo throughout 2018-2019 while working on Low Ceilings’ newest record, Learn to Sew, due out January 10, 2020. On it, he explores increasingly electric instrumentation and personal-yet-relatable narratives filled with love, loss, and happenstance. He’ll be working with a band to support the new songs in 2020.